Trappy Hour Recap

Posted by Kenya Downey on Sep 12th 2018

     On August 25th, I got to experience my first ever studio presentation of my artwork and I was so honored. It was honestly an incredible experience. Hosted by Creatively Mindful LLC, the Trappy Hour Art Show was one for the books. It took place in the heart of Baltimore at Studio 4, right above the Ida B's soul food establishment on 235 Holliday Street.

     Trappy Hour featured over 30 artists and vendors. I'm not going to lie, I felt a little bit intimidated walking in there at first, but knowing that I was surrounded by likeminded, passionate artists is what put me at ease. There was so much talent showcased on individual drywall columns, I was really impressed and loved every single style that was exhibited. There were complimentary drinks and turnout was incredible, much better than I anticipated. You could really see how much support local African American artists got and that made my heart warm. The DJ played a lit music selection the entire time. Trap, R&B, rap, and everyone's favorite cookout jams rang through the studio and contributed greatly to the bubbly vibe of the event.     

     A couple of my personal friends showed up, which is always great of course, and I networked with so many artists. I was also extremely motivated by visitors who complimented and expressed interest in my work. It rekindled my reasoning for why I do what I do, even though I felt like I wasn't up to par with the other artists at first. I realized that I don't need to be the best in the room. The reason the event was so successful was because of all the artists' differences, whether it was in style, approach, their "why", or even their personalities. In that moment, I felt comfortable and I took pride in my style and what I had to offer as a creative. I'm definitely excited to get an opportunity to showcase my work again after this experience, especially with the Creatively Mindful group.

     If interested in upcoming artistic events Creatively Mindful is hosting, follow them on Instagram @creatively.mindful or visit their website at The next art show they are hosting is called A Reason to Dress Up Too. I will not be showcasing that day but I can assure you it will be a lively and refreshing event and, of course, a good reason to dress up! The show is taking place on October 13th, so be on the lookout for tickets on Eventbrite!

     There were a few artists I met at Trappy Hour who were amazing and who had work that I really enjoyed. I will list their Instagram handles below and you guys can check them out for yourselves!